During Scotland's Referendum the country witnessed unprecedented high levels of political engagement, with a turnout of 84.59%. One of the most heartening developments of this period was the political engagement of young people from across the nation.

To help continue this legacy of active participation I've created a series of pilot workshops designed to:

- Inspire people to participate in politics
- Give them the confidence to make their voices heard
- Develop skills that will help them to become an effective activist and organiser

- Encourage creativity and innovation

Click on the button below to register your interest and find out more about the workshops.


How long is each workshop?
- An hour.

How much do they cost?
- Free

- Edinburgh

Will you travel?
- Yes, if you cover any travel and accommodation costs.

Are you doing this on behalf of the SNP?
- No, these workshops are not party affiliated and will take place during my lunch break, in evenings, or at weekends.